[SciPy-dev] bdist_rpm failure with latest scipy (and f2py) from CVS

Pearu Peterson pearu at scipy.org
Mon May 10 04:15:44 CDT 2004

On Sun, 9 May 2004, Vincent N. Virgilio wrote:

> Then I tried to package scipy. I issued "python2.3 setup.py bdist_rpm", 
> and got a similar failure as in f2py. It seems that atlas_version.so 
> gets built in "site-packages" and not "site-packages/...linalg". RPM 
> complains "installed but not packaged". No amount of fiddling with 
> setup_linalg.py or setup_atlas_version.py could change this. I am in 
> over my head.
> Have others seen this error? Is there a fix?

Try the latest CVS again. Now atlas_version.so is not installed anymore 
while executing bdist_rpm command. Also note that in order to run 
bdist_rpm for scipy, you have to have recent scipy_core installed in your 
system. Otherwise you'll get 'scipy_distutils not found' errors. 
Btw, does anybody know how to set environment for bdist_rpm? If that would 
be possible then one does not have to install scipy_core for creating 
rpm's for scipy.

To summarize the steps needed for creating scipy rpm's and installing 
1) Create Scipy_core rpm and install it.
2) Create F2py rpm and install it.
3) Create Scipy rpm and install it.

Note that it is not possible to create all rpm's once and then installing 
them because latter steps require previous software installed.

Also, before hitting bdist_rpm command, you may need to execute

 rm -rf /var/tmp/SciPy-buildroot

when previous bdist_rpm failed.


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