[SciPy-dev] PyFace question

Stephen Waterbury golux at comcast.net
Mon May 17 01:55:40 CDT 2004

eric jones wrote:

>  4. PyFace -- MVC layer on top of wxPython.  Supports trees, menus,
>     and a few other things right now.  This will grow.

Have you considered making this a layer on top of PythonCard,
rather than directly on top of wxPython?  PythonCard offers
a nice simplifying layer for GUI development, with a drag and
drop editor, etc., and is very quickly approaching a 1.0
release.  I suspect that many scientists would appreciate
the simplicity of PythonCard, and it is a well-established
and supported project to which SciPy could contribute if
it needed new PythonCard features.

Just a suggestion.  :)


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