[SciPy-dev] PyFace question

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon May 17 11:56:28 CDT 2004

Stephen Waterbury wrote:
> eric jones wrote:
>> 4. PyFace -- MVC layer on top of wxPython.  Supports trees, menus,
>>    and a few other things right now.  This will grow.
> Have you considered making this a layer on top of PythonCard,
> rather than directly on top of wxPython?

In a similar vein, perhaps the Wax layer
is worth mentioning (I haven't used it myself, I've only kept track of it with 
the corner of my eye)

But this may be the kind of effort where Scipy/Enthought might get a lot of 
bang for the buck by piggybacking on others (and contributing where needed) 
rather than developing from scratch.  Since there are many areas where no one 
else will write the code needed by scipy (the more science-oriented ones), 
perhaps on the more generic ones (like guis) scipy can benefit from the 
community effort.

Just my $.02



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