[SciPy-dev] PyFace question

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Mon May 17 12:32:43 CDT 2004

Hey Steve and Fernando,

I do know the PyFace design is very much based on JFace (a Java tool 
set) like paradigm and uses Traits extensively.  I am not sure whether 
it would benefit from being layered on top of or being integrated with 
these other tools.  This has largely been Martin's effort, so I will 
leave any specifics to him. 


Fernando Perez wrote:

> Stephen Waterbury wrote:
>> eric jones wrote:
>>> 4. PyFace -- MVC layer on top of wxPython.  Supports trees, menus,
>>>    and a few other things right now.  This will grow.
>> Have you considered making this a layer on top of PythonCard,
>> rather than directly on top of wxPython?
> In a similar vein, perhaps the Wax layer
> http://zephyrfalcon.org/weblog/arch_Wax.html
> is worth mentioning (I haven't used it myself, I've only kept track of 
> it with the corner of my eye)
> But this may be the kind of effort where Scipy/Enthought might get a 
> lot of bang for the buck by piggybacking on others (and contributing 
> where needed) rather than developing from scratch.  Since there are 
> many areas where no one else will write the code needed by scipy (the 
> more science-oriented ones), perhaps on the more generic ones (like 
> guis) scipy can benefit from the community effort.
> Just my $.02
> Best,
> f
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