[SciPy-dev] PyFace question

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon May 17 13:31:55 CDT 2004

eric jones wrote:

> I do know the PyFace design is very much based on JFace (a Java tool 
> set) like paradigm and uses Traits extensively.  I am not sure whether 
> it would benefit from being layered on top of or being integrated with 
> these other tools.  This has largely been Martin's effort, so I will 
> leave any specifics to him. 

I've seen what Traits can do.  If PyFace is tightly coupled to Traits, then it 
probably makes sense for PyFace to be fully developed as a separate project. 
Traits are amazing, and having a gui layer which intelligently uses them is 
probably a very worthwile development.  Thanks for the clarification, Eric.



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