[SciPy-dev] Re: Accessible SciPy (ASP) project

Philip Austin paustin at eos.ubc.ca
Mon Nov 1 19:52:08 CST 2004

Joe Harrington writes:

 > However, if someone can post a similar description of a large
 > effort to produce a book using different open tools, I would be
 > interested to read it (the description, not the book!).

The Connexions Project (http://cnx.rice.edu) uses XML (including
content mathml) to publish book-length sets of course notes
(http://cnx.rice.edu/content/browse_courses).  They are developing
authoring tools using Word and Latex, but right now you need to
hand-code the xml or use a lite version of a proprietary wysiwyg tool.
Once you get the fonts set up in Mozilla, the html-rendered math is
beautiful.  They have a xml-latex filter for generating pdf, with an
index and table of contents.  It's a little early for this project,
but worth watching.

Regards, Phil

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