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Janet Swisher swisher at enthought.com
Tue Nov 2 15:57:08 CST 2004

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> Travis Oliphant schrieb:
> > After perusing some of the documentation choices, I would say that
> > "write" now  I'm looking favorably toward documancer for a 
> graphical 
> > help browser and lyx or tbook for producing documentation.
> > 
> > These  look like good solutions for the problems at hand.
> +1 (I favor lyx, but simply because I'm so used to it.  I have no 
> +experience
> with tbook)
> It would be great to hear a bit from Janet and Eric on this 
> topic, to make 
> sure that these tools are OK with their requirements/environment.

Documancer sounds promising for a documentation browser solution.

Regarding authoring tools, I have LyX installed, because I wanted to look at
the tutorial source. I have used LaTeX in the past (10-15 years ago), and
could refamiliarize myself pretty easily. However, Enthought doesn't use it
for any other purpose, so I might be the only person here who is/will be
familiar with it. 

As a tech writer, I'll use whatever tool the client wants, as long as it
suits the requirements of the project.

Based on all the comments thus far, I suggest using LaTeX as the
"intermediate" format for (long) SciPy documents. As an author, you can
generate it from LyX or from tBook, or you can just write raw LaTeX in your
favorite text editor. There are LaTeX converters for MS Word and
OpenOffice.org, for those who really prefer those tools. 

In the spirit of Election Day (and to try out our new polling plug-in), I
set up a poll for documentation formats on scipy.org. You should be able to
see it on the front page, or you can go to
You can vote for up to 2 choices. There is an option for "Other", but
unfortunately no write-in capability. I'll leave this open for a couple of
days. This poll has no "official" status, but may help to make clear the
preferences of the community.


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