[SciPy-dev] documentation

Alan Isaac aisaac at american.edu
Wed Nov 3 11:00:49 CST 2004

Perhaps this is relevant to the documentation discussion.

Thanks to David Goodger, it is now (in CVS and snapshot)
possible to more easily use reST to produce documentation
containing display math in mutliple formats.  Format
generation is easily automated.

What is new: the raw directive accepts mulitiple arguments.
.. raw:: latex html
This means that a single itex display can be passed
to multiple writers.

Aside from that, everything is the same:
One step conversions:
reST -> LaTeX with display math: use 'raw' directive
Two step conversions:
PDF:   reST -> LaTeX -> PDF
        (second step with pdflatex or other routes)
XHTML+MathML:   reST -> HTML+itex -> XHTML/MathML
        (second step with itex2mml)

see the thread  "multiple arguments for raw directive" at

Alan Isaac

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