[SciPy-dev] wgnuplot.exe dependency in 0.3.2

Joe Cooper joe at enthought.com
Wed Nov 10 11:21:04 CST 2004

Hi all,

I'm working on the next revision of Enthon today, and it looks like 
wgnuplot.exe has been introduced as a dependency of SciPy on Windows 
without being documented anywhere.  Someone else ran into this last 
month, but there were no responses.

Here's the error:

running install_data
error: can't copy 'Lib\gplt\wgnuplot.exe': doesn't exist or not a 
regular file

A cursory glance at the setup code tells me that wgnuplot.exe doesn't 
have to be in Lib\ but it does have to exist in one of the other 
locations distutils is searching.

Can I get a clarification on whether adding this dependency was 
intentional?  I'd like to add it to the build instructions for Windows, 
if it will remain a dependency.

I'm happy to add it to Enthon, if it provides additional functionality 
that people are using, but I don't want to unnecessarily complicate the 
package with dozens of competing tools (it's already 90MB in size in the 
last version, and there's at least 10MB worth of new packages going into 
the next version, and no significant removals).


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