[SciPy-dev] wgnuplot.exe dependency in 0.3.2

Joe Cooper joe at enthought.com
Wed Nov 10 13:13:10 CST 2004

Pearu Peterson wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Nov 2004, Joe Cooper wrote:

> Unless windows users will speak up loudly, I would remove wgnuplot.exe 
> from scipy CVS repository. A source code repository is a wrong place to 
> save binary programs, especially if they are platform dependent.

I didn't know that is was in the CVS repository, but I certainly agree 
that it should not be.  So, it looks like it has always been a 
dependency, but since I'm now building against the release tarball 
rather than CVS, it's become a visible problem.

Anyway, if it is a dependency going forward it should be documented.

>> I'm happy to add it to Enthon, if it provides additional functionality 
>> that people are using, but I don't want to unnecessarily complicate 
>> the package with dozens of competing tools (it's already 90MB in size 
>> in the last version, and there's at least 10MB worth of new packages 
>> going into the next version, and no significant removals).
> gplt requires gnuplot. So, if windows users use gplt, wgnuplot.exe 
> should be added to Enthon.

I was hoping to get word from whoever added the dependency to the build 
to see if we really needed it, but since it has been there since the 
first check-in by Eric in 2002, I'll assume we definitely want it.

I'll build gnuplot and include it in Enthon.  I agree with you that the 
binaries should be removed from CVS, though Eric may want to disagree. 
We'll need to document the change, and probably provide an easy way for 
folks to get wgnuplot and Eric's gnuplot_helper.exe (I presume it is 
Eric's, since it isn't part of the gnuplot distribution).

Eric, how should we proceed on this?  Is there buildable source 
somewhere for the gnuplot_helper that we could add to the CVS repository 
and the release tarball?

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