[SciPy-dev] Xplt problems

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Mon Nov 15 04:25:27 CST 2004


On Thu, 11 Nov 2004, Travis Oliphant wrote:

> Arnd Baecker wrote:

> >In October I send a mail concerning various issues with
> >scipy.xplt,
> >http://www.scipy.org/mailinglists/mailman?fn=scipy-dev/2004-October/002425.html
> >
> >Most importantly there are a couple of
> >differences between Windows and Linux.
> >It would be nice if these could get fixed before a new Enthon
> >release for Windows is made.
> >
> I really appreciate this well documented list of problems.

That's (I think) the least we as "end-users" can do -
our (internal) list of issues grew a bit over the last year
(with some of them already mentioned here and there on
the mailing list) and Jan Braun also found a couple
of further points while writing the detailed notes.

> Unfortunately, I don't know enough about gist to fix them quickly
> (especially gist on the Windows side).  Have you cross posted these
> comments to the pygist site?

Not yet (after sending the mail I was happy to have
that finally out, and since then I have been
swamped with other stuff).
I will do it right now.

> It would take me a bit of time to track down these problems and fix them
> and so they have sat unattended.   Most of the problems are not simple
> Python fixes as far as I can tell.

That was our impression as well - we just had a brief look
at some, but got lost quickly.

> >Of course it would also be great if some of the other
> >xplt problems which apply both to Windows and linux could be solved
> >(by some kind soul having more knowledge on pygist than me ;-).
> >
> I'm not sure who that is.  My experience is not huge and I'm don't know
> anyone with more experience than me (except the original authors and a
> handful of others none of whom are active on the scipy lists)
> So, I'm writing to say sorry.  I don't think these issues will be
> addressed before the next Enthon release...

Travis, there is really no need to say sorry at all!

I only hope that some of the more crucial ones
(`Pause() and Windows`, `Plotting one point` and the
`Labeling and titles`)
get fixed soon enough that they could be included
in the next Enthon release (not the upcoming one)
- we are using scipy.xplt extensively in our computational physics course
and it would be really nice if the students could get
a version with less bugs than last year ;-)

Maybe Michiel de Hoon has some ideas on all this.



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