[SciPy-dev] the wikis

Joe Harrington jh at oobleck.astro.cornell.edu
Wed Nov 17 09:34:42 CST 2004

I am cross-posting this to counter some misconceptions about the ASP
wikis, including the Topical one.

First, I am *thrilled* to see the new Topical page put up by Fernando!
The amount and quality of the content is just amazing.  The
page-of-pages idea wasn't making anyone happy, so it's good to see it

Second, several people have expressed hesitation in editing the wiki,
since they didn't put it up.  Folks, it's a *WIKI*!  You're *supposed*
to edit it!  Add, add, add content!  All you need is a scipy.org
account, which you can make for yourself following the link in the
title bar.  There is history, so if someone makes a change that isn't
popular, we can roll back the change and no harm done.  If you want to
make major changes to the structure or content posted by others, you
can and probably should ask on these lists.  But do ask!  If it's a
good idea, others will agree with you.

So, if you are distributing a package and it's not listed, please go
add it.  Make a scipy.org account, login, go to the wiki, click on the
"edit" tab at the top (it only appears if you are logged in), and go
to it.  There is a link at the top that has more info if you're not
sure how to do it.  If you're really confused, please suggest
improvements to the help document on scipy-dev.

And thanks again to Fernando for a lot of work!


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