[SciPy-dev] Scipy.org layout

Janet Swisher swisher at enthought.com
Wed Nov 17 12:54:47 CST 2004

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> From: Fernando Perez

> Another topic discussed at the ASP BOF/mailings was a bit of a site 
> 'refreshing', beyond the default Plone look.  I don't really 
> mind the visuals too much, and I certainly don't expect anyone to 
> put a lot of time into this. 
>   But the current site, at least for me, has a real usability 
> problem: the three column layout means that the center column, where the 
> main contents lives, is always very small! And that has incredibly 
> annoying effects.
> For example, when I browse the mailing list archives, 
> messages are bunched up inside these little boxes and I have to 
> scroll left and right on _every line_ to read them!  This happens 
> even if I maximize my browser to full screen. 

> After the left and right navbars have eaten up 2/3rds of my screen, 
> there is simply not enough space left in the center to show 
> much at all.  If the above is not clear, I can provide a screenshot 
> of the problem.  This same issue makes it very unpleasant to edit 
> the wiki, as the edit box, is also very small, in the middle of the
> Hopefully at some point this can be addressed without it 
> requiring too much time.

Thanks for the feedback. I also have a list of suggestions from Russell Owen
that I haven't taken the time to implement yet.

I've removed the right column from the wiki area and the mailing list area.
This should require a bit less scrolling. If it's still hard to use, please
do send me a screen shot. If there are other areas that could benefit from
this change, send me your suggestions. I don't think the right-hand slots
(news, recent, and calendar) are really necessary below the top level of


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