[SciPy-dev] pynotes

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Thu Nov 18 04:57:48 CST 2004


following Prabhu's comments I made a few changes to pynotes.
It can now deal with ufuncs and some builtin functions.
Also the path component including the python version
is stripped.
The current version can be obtained from
There also is a small test script, test2.py, which outputs the path
to a given object for several examples
(The output for my machine is in test2.out).

I would be very interested in feedback on the following points
  - does this also work reasonably well under Windows/Mac/...?
    (if someone could mail me the result of test2.py
     that would be very helpful)
  - are there modules/objects where the approach fails?
    (I would be very surprised if not ;-) - I am pretty
     certain that one could overcome such problems
  - would this approach be useful for scipy,
    in particular for user-contributed documentation, code-snippets etc.?
  - is this a framework into which the user additions
    made to the live-docs, http://www.scipy.org/livedocs/
    ((BTW: this is getting better and better, Travis - thanks!!))
    could be integrated reasonably well?
  - in the longer run the plan is to integrate the functionality
    into IPython. Fernando was very positive about
    this, so I will give that a try. A lot of
    the infrastructure (choice of editor, help formatter and such)
    are available there, so this should be fairly straight-forward.

    This point maybe also makes clear, why I would be interested
    in tests of other modules than scipy as this set-up
    seems also useful outside of the scipy-context.

Also the code needs further improvements and polishing,
but this is only worth doing, when it is clear
that the basic approach works reasonably well across platforms.

Looking forward to any comments,


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