[SciPy-dev] Xplt problems

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Mon Nov 22 14:09:38 CST 2004


there is progress behind the scenes with
a new version of pygist in sight.
Michiel de Hoon solved a couple of the issues.
So far the memory error and
the non-functioning of pause under windows are solved!

However, there is one thing which is not in his hands,
namely he wrote in reply to my mail:

> > Labeling and titles
> > -------------------
> >
> > Without defined limits() the labels given with x-/ylabel are lost
> > with every scale change.
> > Using limits() preserves the scale and labels. It even brings back
> > labels, that were lost after a rescale.
> > Titles however, are only lost by using fma(). (Applies to titles
> > defined by pl-/title.)

[... examples snipped ....]

> This is a SciPy extension to pygist. Don't know anything about it. Note
> that can write your own xlabel/ylabel using pygist's plt function.

Travis, do you maybe have an idea on the labels and titles?



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