[SciPy-dev] in-situ resizing array in C

Pearu Peterson pearu at scipy.org
Mon Nov 29 15:33:41 CST 2004


I have a question to Numeric/Numarray experts:

Let A be a contiguous one or two-dimensional array with shape (n,) or 
(m,n), respectively. Let k be a positive integer less than n.
Reference count for A is 1. The objective is to execute A=A[:k] 
or A=A[:,:k], respctively, in C.

Q: Is it safe to resize the array A by simply resetting its dimensions, 
that is,
    A->dimensions[0] = k;
    A->dimensions[1] = k;
if A->nd is 1 or 2, respectively, in C? This appears to work but may be 
there are some corner cases that I have overlooked.

Would that work also when using Numarray?

If not, how to resize (preferably in-situ) an array in C under the 
conditions given above?


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