[SciPy-dev] Plan for releasing Scipy 0.3.2

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Oct 6 17:07:19 CDT 2004

Pearu Peterson schrieb:
> I have no problems with using gui_thread on a Debian system with 
> wxPythonSrc- So, I wouldn't disable gui_thread for myself;)
> My environment: Python 2.3.4, LANG is unset, Numeric 23.5.

Ok, here's a bit more useful info: if I set LANG to C, it all looks pretty 
good.  If I leave one of the fedora defaults, even an english one:

planck[demo]> echo $LANG

I get guaranteed segfaults.  I'm going to guess it's a bug related to UTF-8 
handling deep in the bowels of wx and/or GTK.

> Could you try to use libwadpy or some other tool to find out which part of 
> wxPython is segfaulting?

Unfortunately I can't really commit to deeply debugging this problem at the 
library level (WX) right now.  That kind of bug hunting in C libs is very time 
consuming, and at the moment I can only spend short bursts of time on this 
performing small tests.  Hopefully the LANG info  proves useful, since that's 
the most I'm likely to be able to provide.  Can you see if you get similar 
problems with UTF-8 settings?

Perhaps doing a hard LANG=C inside gui_thread is a viable option also.  Not 
ideal, but better than a segfault :)



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