[SciPy-dev] Plan for releasing Scipy 0.3.2

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Oct 6 17:28:14 CDT 2004

Pearu Peterson schrieb:
>>Perhaps doing a hard LANG=C inside gui_thread is a viable option also.  Not 
>>ideal, but better than a segfault :)
> I agree. But have you tested that adding 'os.environ["LANG"]="C"' to 
> gui_thread will fix the problem? If so, then we should use it in 0.3.2.

Well, it's worse.  Even though I got the previous time things to work with 
LANG=C, it's actually kind of random.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it 
segfaults.  And setting it from python (os.environ) or from the shell doesn't 
really seem to matter (at least not in a useful way).

Sorry if I can't be of more help on this.  Tracking down a problem like this 
one can be hell.  I guess I just worry in case it's not just something with my 
box, as Fedora2 is a fairly popular platform.  But it would be useful to have 
feedback from other Fedora2 users: if it's just a misconfig on my system, then 
we don't have to worry about it.  But if it's a problem likely to bite all 
Fedora2 users, then I'd say it's a bigger worry.



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