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Jelle Feringa // EZCT / Amsterdam jelle.feringa at ezct.net
Tue Oct 5 09:51:23 CDT 2004

Dear Mr Perez,

I'm sorry to get back to a discussing which has been long due.
My interest in combining the powers of both Mathematica and Python.
I've been checking out for instance PY_ML, I'm sure you are aware of it,
also the fact that its outdated (for Mathematica v3, I'm using 5)
Could you be so kind to point me in the right direction for the interface as
being discussed in the scipy forum?

Best regards,

Jelle Feringa.

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On Fri, 13 Sep 2002, Mark Evans wrote:

> My particular project involved an ActiveX chart control interfaced to
> wxPython, and a Python interface to both Mathematica and Numerical Python.
> We were creating a technical workspace environment with Python as the
> front end and Numpy / Mathematica as cooperating back ends.
> I can't tell you what relief I felt after I switched from CXX to Boost.

That sounds very interesting. Did this project ever make it to the public? 
Here in my group we use Mathematica a _lot_ and I'm pushing python hard for 
the numerical parts (as a replacement for matlab, trying to only write 
C/Fortran when absolutely necessary). But being able to have the python and 
mathematica parts talk would be great. Could you provide a bit more info on 

Since it's a bit off the original thread topic, feel free to either respond 
privately or start a new thread.



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