[SciPy-dev] SciPy Topical Pages wiki

Joe Harrington jh at oobleck.astro.cornell.edu
Mon Oct 18 22:05:18 CDT 2004

Topical or domain-specific pages were a need identified at the SciPy
'04 conference.  Several of these exist, some with their own mailing
lists.  I have just created a wiki page to index such pages, so that
scipy.org can become a portal where users can go to locate any
software that runs under or with SciPy.  The URL is:


(next time I ask for a wiki, I'll suggest a shorter name...)

What's needed now is for people who maintain such pages to link to
them from the wiki, with just a few words to help users find their
way.  Please list them alphabetically by the most obvious topic name.

Initially, I'm sure there will be some reshuffling.  Maybe the 3D page
I proposed will become a graphics page, for example.  Likely some
areas have two competing pages at the moment.  The few pages that
exist already are not currently hosted on scipy.org.  We'll work
through all that.  For now, please link any topical pages from the
wiki.  If you have items to list on a topical page, hold out for a few
days and see if an appropriate page shows up.  If not, either
volunteer to manage it or ask here on scipy-dev for someone else to
host it.  Please do not list pages for individual packages on the
Topical wiki.

Ideally, the topical pages will eventually be hosted on SciPy.org.
That way, if someone loses interest or moves institutions, the page is
still there for everyone and a new maintainer can be found.  It also
includes the content of those pages in the scipy.org search engine.
So, I encourage page maintainers to follow the instructions on the
wiki and move their pages to scipy.org.  If you prefer to have a
different format for your page, such as a plain web page in the
scipy.org site or a wiki, please bring that up here or ask the
scipy.org web team.  At some point we'll have guidelines for what
format is best.  Experience will tell.

Ok, have at it!


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