[SciPy-dev] Python & Scientific computing links?

bulatov at cs.orst.edu bulatov at cs.orst.edu
Wed Sep 8 17:13:26 CDT 2004

Here's a list of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning links I compiled with
help from comp.lang.python 



Цитирую Fernando Perez <Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu>:

> Hi all,
> at the excellent BOF session run by Joe Harrington at scipy'04, one of the 
> things that came out was the need for more organized and centralized 
> documentation about using Python for various aspects of scientific
> computing.
> An effort is under way to tackle this problem, but I'll let Joe report in
> full 
> on the whole idea in due time.  As my tiny contribution to this, I offered to
> collect a simple page of links and short summaries of any project out on the
> web which is reasonably connected to scientific computing.
> Obviously I have my own bookmarks list which I'll use as a starting point,
> but 
> I'm asking here for all of you to simply mail me your favorite list of links
> on this topic.  Feel free to add extra info which may help me, but it's OK if
> it's just a list of URLs.  I'll collect them, check that at least things are
> active, and write a short summary for each project (probably copy/paste from
> their own pages).
> In a couple of weeks, I'll mail this page to Joe so it can go into the 
> relevant area of the Scipy.org website, where it will most likely end up as a
> Wiki page.  From that point on, the community can continue to improve it, 
> correct my mistakes, and keep it updated as new projects of interest appear
> or 
> old ones vanish.
> Best,
> f.
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