[SciPy-dev] MCMC, Kalman Filtering, AI for SciPy?

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Thu Sep 30 02:48:54 CDT 2004

Hey Pearu,

Pearu Peterson wrote:

> On Tue, 28 Sep 2004, Travis Oliphant wrote:
>>> From the maintenance point of view, IMHO, wrappers to external 
>>> Fortran/C libraries should be refactored from scipy packages to some 
>>> "lib" package. 
>> I like this idea too.
> Ok, it's official then. Any new wrappers to external libraries should 
> be exposed via scipy.lib...
>> I like this naming discussion.  We have not had enough of it in the 
>> past. I guarantee the names and divisions that Pearu, I and Eric have 
>> chosen have been more out of convenience and "getting something" 
>> working then any great thought.  I agree we should do this sooner 
>> than later.  And I think we should move to SVN too.
> Should we release Scipy 0.3.2 before the transition to SVN?

Seems like a good idea to do a final release with all that you, Travis 
O., and others have added before we make any of the big changes we're 
all discussing.

Do you have time to do the tag/build/release process?  If so, what is 
the timeline for doing so? 

Of course, we should get some testing feedback on the main platforms 
with the current CVS before doing this.  Besides that, does anyone have 
any specific (small) things to address before we do so?  If so, what is 
the timeframe?

> I'd like to work more on Scipy in the coming months and it would be 
> nice to have CVS->SVN change done.

I think we can do the SVN move within a couple of days or so once the 
go-ahead is given.


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