Releasing 0.3.2 (was Re: [SciPy-dev] MCMC, Kalman Filtering, AI for SciPy?)

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at
Thu Sep 30 16:14:45 CDT 2004

>>>>> "PP" == Pearu Peterson <pearu at> writes:

    PP> Prabhu wanted to add few examples to weave during the
    PP> weekend. That is OK with me as it does not affect the build
    PP> process.

Well, I'm done with my work.  Just FYI, here is what I checked in:

 1. scipy_core/weave/ has been improved to transparently
    handle PyCObject based SWIG objects.  This was a problem I just
    noticed because SWIG from CVS now defaults to using PyCObjects.
    There goes my sleep.

 2. Added a few examples to scipy_core/weave/examples/.  These include
    a. example to show how one can access a 3D numeric
       array with or without blitz.

    b. example illustrating how one can inline C++ to
       handle VTK objects.  Only tested under Linux though.

    c., swig2_ext.h, swig2_ext.i: A simple example
       showing how SWIG2 wrapped objects can be handled with weave.
       The .h and .i files can be used to make a trivial SWIG2 module
       the commands for building which are mentioned in

Just one point.  swig2 support is not turned on by default, i.e. the
following line in is commented::

 #converters.default.insert(0, swig2_converter())

Folks who want to use swig2 support have to do this manually.  I am
not sure what to do about it and will let Eric decide.

So, with that my job is done.  You can go ahead and release 0.3.2 when
you can.


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