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David Flory flory at fdu.edu
Sun Apr 10 01:05:37 CDT 2005

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Is Enthon planning to do a Python 2.4.x release?  If so, when?

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> Hi all,
> I posted a new test release of Enthon yesterday, and I think 
> this one is approaching useful.  I'm running out of things I 
> can test, in my limited knowledge of all of the components 
> that it contains.
> So, I'd like to ask anyone who has a vested interest in an 
> easy to install bundle of Python stuff for Windows to 
> download this release and give it a try.  A fresh install is 
> probably the best way to test it, as I haven't figured out 
> how to make Wise remove the extraneous menu items on upgrade 
> (the uninstaller seems to leave a few sticking around 
> too...will probably get that fixed before the final release).
> Grab it here:
> http://download.enthought.com/enthought_python-2.3.5-1069.exe
> Submit bug reports to the roundup instance, or send me an 
> email, if you find problems.
> Thanks!
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