[SciPy-dev] bugs in stats package

Perry, Alexander (GE Infrastructure) Alex.Perry at ge.com
Wed Aug 10 13:57:24 CDT 2005

Debian has scipy version 0.3.2 and this is Bug Tracking System (BTS) 322454:

stats.py in nanmean() and nanstd() uses "N-sum" when "N.sum" is necessary.

stats.py in nanstd() provides obviously wrong answers for data without NANs.

distributions.py in est_loc_scale() only receives two items from self.stats().

distributions.py in est_loc_scale() refers to "stats" but was imported as "st".

distributions.py in nnlf() wrongly passes its self twice to _nnlf().

distributions.py in nnlf() fails when everything that precedes "x"
is consolidated into a numarray so it can only be used standalone.

distributions.py in fit() doesn't comply with nnlf()'s argument API.

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