[SciPy-dev] Restructuring of SciPy

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Aug 17 15:31:22 CDT 2005

After the 0.3.2 release, scipy will be getting a face-lift.

As part of that, I'm wondering about the restructuring process.  For a 
long time, we've been operating under the "big-scipy-package" with 
capability for small packages to be released separately model.  It has 
had limited success and I don't know of any small packages actually 
being released like that.

With things like Enthon out there that act as the "batteries included 
super distribution" anyway.  It makes me wonder if we shouldn't move 
scipy to the "scipy-modules" perspective directly and develop and think 
about scipy has a collection of modules that work together smoothly 
(i.e. naming conventions, etc.)

scipy_core + available instructions could provide all the infrastructure 
someone needs to contribute packages to scipy.  This would also allow 
people to develop (and maintain) their own modules (which they seem to 
like to do anyway).  If we could just get them to play nice with the 
rest of scipy_core, it would all be for benefit.

We already have the infrastructure in place for modules to play nicely 
with the overall package.  I'm just wondering if we shouldn't emphasize 
more the modular approach by the way the svn tree is layed out (so 
individual modules can be checked out independently, for example).

I've also spoken to people who find it hard to rely on their scipy in 
their code they pass on because you have to get the whole package, even 
if you only use a few parts.  

Matlab also uses modules effectively. 

I think we should take advantage of the restructuring process to think 
about this.



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