[SciPy-dev] Restructuring of SciPy

Alan G Isaac aisaac at american.edu
Wed Aug 17 21:05:11 CDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-08-17 at 14:31 -0600, Travis Oliphant wrote: 
> scipy_core + available instructions could provide all the 
> infrastructure someone needs to contribute packages to 
> scipy.  This would also allow people to develop (and 
> maintain) their own modules (which they seem to like to do 
> anyway).  If we could just get them to play nice with the 
> rest of scipy_core, it would all be for benefit. 

I think the user's perspective is:
what we really need is a preconfigured
package manager.  From this I conclude
that any restructuring will benefit by
enabling easy access with a package manager
such as PackMan or pypan.

A user's perspective: as long as
- installation is simple, and
- the core of what I need is one install
  that is easy to update
then I'll be happy.

SciPy has largely met that demand for me,
except that I had to flail about to learn
how to best approach simple data driven

Message from *that* experience:
make smart choices for the new user!
Do NOT just give me a bunch of options
when I am starting out, as I will lack
the information to choose among them.
That may suggest a fairly large SciPy,
since lots of initial choices should be
made for the new users.  (Of course it
should also be easy to deviate from these
if desired.)

Question for the longer term:
what structure will make it as easy as possible
for people with very focused interests to add
modules and submit patches that will be rapidly
incorprated in SciPy?  Surely some of the recent
open source research literature must offer some
help here?  (But I do not know what it is.)
I suspect the answer is: it must be possible
for a person in charge of one module/package
not to worry about what is happening with
other modules/packages.  Is this affected by
the proposal?

Alan Isaac 

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