[SciPy-dev] Utility to pad a matrix

Tim Cera timcera at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 26 00:20:19 CDT 2005


Please find at http://www.scipy.org/Members/timcera/pad-0.1.tar.gz/download
a utility to pad an n-dimensional matrix.  You can pad with the mean, median, 
maximum, or minimum of each vector along each axis or just use a portion of 
the vector near the edges.  You can also assign a constant to the pad values, 
or ramp from the edge value to a constant, or mirror along the edge values, 
or pad with values wrapped from the other end of the vector.

I had an earlier version that I was using for rank-1 matrices, but I have 
extended the padding functions to n-dimensions.  Now that pad can work with 
n-dimensional matrics, I have hopes that pad (or something like it) could be 
a utility used by FFT, convolution, and filter functions.  Some of these 
functions support some forms of padding internally, most do not.

Kindest regards,
Tim Cera

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