[SciPy-dev] problem with linalg.cholesky?

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Fri Dec 2 10:21:09 CST 2005

Andrew Jaffe wrote:

>What's going on here?
>Also, an (unrelated?) point: I note that basic_lite.py exists in both 
>scipy/linalg and scipy/basic -- two different files with somewhat 
>different contents, imported in different ways! Which is correct? Should 
>they both exist? (They both give the same error for cholesky.) Is one a 
>leftover from an earlier installation?
Yes, I think you figured that out, though, right?

>Andrew Jaffe wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>One more data point: in addition to my problems on OS X, someone else 
>>has the same issue on Win XP... So it's not OS-specific, but it does 
>>occur only for some installations.
>>Perhaps it depends on the underlying BLAS/LAPACK library?
Hmm..  The more I look in to this the less I'm inclined to blame the 
BLAS/LAPACK library.  This looks like a problem with flags but I'm not 
sure the source.   I can't reproduce the problem on Windows or Linux 
(however I'm using a more recent version of scipy).  It's possible that 
this problem is a bug in older versions of scipy.

I would recommend upgrading from 0.6.1.    As soon as the records module 
has been fleshed out a bit, there will be another release.  In the mean 
time, checking out from SVN is not difficult.  Ask if you need specific 

Best regards,


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