[SciPy-dev] simple UMFPACK wrapper added

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Wed Dec 7 17:11:26 CST 2005

Robert Cimrman wrote:

>I just added a simple swig-generated wrapper of UMFPACK sparse linear 
>solver to the SciPy sandbox. It is very small and does not depend on any 
>other package except scipy.base and scipy.sparse. Below you can find its 
>performance compared with the current SuperLU-based implementation 
>(scipy.sparse.solve()) on matrices corresponding to the Poisson equation 
>(e.g. temperature distribution). The test script is included in the 
>sandbox, too.
>The brave and interested  can test it, but first you will have to edit 
>the setup.py (a very basic one, needs scipyfication), since the paths to 
>umfpack and scipy are hardcoded.

This is great Robert. 

What is keeping us from replacing the SuperLU-based solver entirely?


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