[SciPy-dev] more 64 Bit testing

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Thu Dec 8 02:27:27 CST 2005

Arnd Baecker wrote:

>Hi David,
>yes there is - from man icc
>  -std=c99 Enable C99 support for C programs

This document gives some of the compatibility issues between the icc 
compiler and gcc.

In particular, note that nested functions are not supported.   So, it 
looks like icc can't be used to build the fitpackmodule.c unless f2py is 
changed to not use nested functions.

There are only a few incompatibilities in icc and gcc but that 
apparently is one of them.   I'm not sure how high on the priority list 
supporting the icc compiler is for most of us.   But, we would gladly 
accept fixes to allow the icc compiler to be used....

Sorry about the trouble.


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