[SciPy-dev] scipy distutils questions

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Fri Dec 9 06:18:30 CST 2005


yesterday I ran into a bunch of problems related to flapack/clapack
which I tried to work-around via distutils. Some of those attempts
did not work, so I would like to ask if I did something wrong here.
Apologies ahead if this is already mentioned in some
documtation - a pointer would be very much appreciated in that

a) The Intel Math Kernel library provides LAPACK in both
   double (libmkl_lapack64.so) and single (libmkl_lapack32.so)
   With the following in `site.cfg`

     library_dirs = /opt/intel/mkl72/lib/64
     include_dirs = /opt/intel/mkl72/include/
     atlas_libs = mkl_lapack64,libmkl_lapack32,mkl

     library_dirs = /opt/intel/mkl72/lib/64
     include_dirs = /opt/intel/mkl72/include/
     lapack_libs = mkl_lapack64,libmkl_lapack32

   it was not able to add them (without `libmkl_lapack32` the double
   precision one worked).
   Would that in principle be the correct way?

b) As this did not work, I changed in `Lib/linalg/setup.py`
  `skip_single_routines = True`
  This only had an effect (in the sense of rebuilding
  lapack/flapack/...) when  I touched the corresponding pyf files,
      touch *.pyf
  ((Is this mentioned somewhere in the docs?
    If so, I completely missed that))
   Is it also correct that
   removing the contents of the `linalg` directory in the `build`
   directory does not force a rebuild?

c) It seems that not all s* routines are listed in linalg/setup.py.
   I had to add the following in Lib/linalg/setup.py:
            'sgesv sgetrf sgetrs  cgesv cgetrf   cgetrs
            'sgesv sgebal sgbsv sgehrd  cgbsv  cgebal   cgehrd

   Would it possible to extract/exclude those automatically?

d) running the usual `python setup.py  .... install  --prefix=...`
   rebuilds the corresponding libraries (e.g _flapack.so).
   ((I always removed them before, but that might not be necessary))

   However, the resulting libararies were not moved to
   the destination, given by prefix.
   I had to copy them manually.
   Is this to be expected?

If all the above behaviour is really unavoidable
(eg. by more clever command line options etc.),
then I think the following would help a lot:
- ad: b) if setup.py is newer than the files which are generated,
  they should be rebuild.
- ad: c) it would be good, if changed files get copied
  over to the destination.

In addition: could you pleas add `sample_site.cfg` again
(or/and site.cfg, with everything commented out)

Because of all this (and previous problems concerning exchanging
fft libraries, presumably for similar reasons)
I presently completely remove the destination tree and the build
tree (sometimes I even do a full new checkout, if everything seems

One more remark/question:
Usually scipy (core) will not require to add a site.cfg.
However for full scipy adding a site.cfg is often needed.
It seems that this file has to be placed into the
directory or are there other places?
(For example couldn't it look in the directory from which
the `python setup.py install` command is issued?)

Best, Arnd

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