[SciPy-dev] fft segfault, 64 Bit Opteron

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Fri Dec 9 11:12:22 CST 2005

Hi Travis,

one more addition - the build log gives:

In file included from build/src/scipy/base/src/umathmodule.c:8036:
scipy/base/src/ufuncobject.c: In function `PyUFunc_GenericFunction':
scipy/base/src/ufuncobject.c:1569: warning: passing arg 2 of pointer to
function from incompatible pointer type
gcc -pthread -shared

The patch below fixes the compile warning.
However, it does not fix the segfault I get ...
(unless the changed file did not transfer to the destination directory
after building  - see my distutils questions ...;-)

Best, Arnd

abaecker at ptphp01:~/BUILDS2/Build_100/core> svn diff
Index: scipy/base/src/ufuncobject.c
--- scipy/base/src/ufuncobject.c        (revision 1616)
+++ scipy/base/src/ufuncobject.c        (working copy)
@@ -1442,7 +1442,7 @@
                int fastmemcpy[MAX_ARGS];
                int *needbuffer=loop->needbuffer;
                intp index=loop->index, size=loop->size;
-               int bufsize;
+               intp bufsize;
                int copysizes[MAX_ARGS];
                void **bufptr = loop->bufptr;
                void **buffer = loop->buffer;

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