[SciPy-dev] New release on Monday

Ed Schofield schofield at ftw.at
Sun Dec 11 15:55:06 CST 2005

On 11/12/2005, at 8:53 AM, Travis Oliphant wrote:

> I'm going to make a new release of scipy core on Monday evening (U.S.
> Mountain Time)
> unless I hear from anyone.  I'll probably post new Windows binaries of
> full scipy
> at that point as well.
> Now's a good time for any bug-reports or outstanding issues.

Is there any chance of including type checking for this release for  
unsafe in-place operations?  Several people supported the idea in the  
thread [In-place operators and casting] a few weeks ago.  In summary,  
the existing behaviour would still be achievable with an explicit cast:
 >>> my_int_array += my_float_array.astype(int)

I was actually bitten by the current behaviour myself last week when  
I was priming my maximum entropy module for the scipy tree. I spent  
an hour trying to figure out why the computations were coming out  
wrong.  It turned out that the problem was that when converting my  
home-made emptyarray() function to scipy_core's empty() I had  
forgotten to specify doubles and my data were being silently  
truncated.  So I think type-checking wouldn't just help new users; it  
would also save debugging time for users who know the existing  
behaviour but, er, forget ;)

Well done with your recent optimizations!

-- Ed

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