[SciPy-dev] issues with scipy and eggs

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Sun Dec 11 16:13:19 CST 2005

Robert Kern wrote:

>D'oh! Add the same fragment to scipy_core's scipy/lib/__init__.py and full
>scipy's Lib/lib/__init__.py .
I guess you mean scipy_core's scipy/corelib/__init__.py.  OK, yes, I
added the snippet to these 2 files and... it works, mostly!

scipy.test(10,10) passes with both eggs installed, but apparently only
does scipy_core tests (158 tests) and a small fraction of the full scipy
tests (it only does 342 instead of all 1380 tests). But, other than
that, all seems OK -- the various bits of full scipy do seem installed.

Now, thinking about commiting these changes to svn, I'm sure we want to
allow non-setuptools use of full scipy. But the changes you've made
break this because both scipy_core and full scipy would install a
scipy/__init__.py in the site-packages directory (from scipy_core:
scipy/__init__.py and full scipy: Lib/__init__.py). Since full scipy is
installed after scipy_core but scipy_core's version does some magic,
this breaks the installation.  So, my naive approach would be to copy
scipy core's version to full scipy. I've tried this out, and it appears
to work for both a non-setuptools install and a setuptools install. If
this naive approach is reasonable, the only remaining issue I see is
that there would now be two copies of the magic __init__.py that need to
stay in sync.  This could be done by hand (how often does that file
change?), but maybe this is another, in this case technical, argument
for merging the svn trees of scipy_core and scipy?

I'm enclosing patches that incorporate all these changes in the hopes
that someone will apply these so both scipy_core and full scipy build as
eggs out-of-the-box. These patches also support the previous
non-setuptools usage hopefully unchanged.

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