[SciPy-dev] issues with scipy and eggs

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 16:03:20 CST 2005

Fernando Perez wrote:
> Robert Kern wrote:
>>Well, there's the problem with the __init__.py's from full scipy overwriting
>>scipy_core's during a regular install. As Andrew suggested, we can simply have
>>synced copies in both packages. To do that *right*, we need some SVN magic
> Mmh, I hadn't noticed this because I've been building from source so far.  Is 
> this going to be problematic for package managers?  From what I've seen, rpm 
> does not like packages which overwrite files in other packages (though there 
> may be directives to tweak that), I don't know what apt-get does in this case.

You're right. setuptools is actually supposed to generate an __init__.py with
that fragment when one needs to be there but isn't. The last time I tried, I
don't think I got it to work, but I wasn't trying hard. I only cared about
getting the packages built and working for me, so manually adding them was the
easiest way. If I can get it to work, the solution here would be to delete
scipy/Lib/lib/__init__.py and add the fragments to the relevant __init__.py's in

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