[SciPy-dev] MoinMoin demo site online

Mark Koudritsky kamrik at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 03:34:18 CST 2005

I've set up another demo Moin site to try out different themes.

The default theme there is a modification of sinorca4moin.
I've change it to show minimal wikiness to non logged in users (like
the Moder CMS theme on Andrew's demo site) and also increased the font
size slightly.

There is also "sections" plugin installed, (the news side bar on the
main page is made with it).

Didn't yet have the time to work on the logo.

There is a test user set up:
username: TestUser
pwd: test
So you can log in and try out the other themes that are installed
there. User's theme can be changed in the UserPreferences dialog . (I
also liked the sand theme)

Is there any estimation about when (if at all) Moin can be installed
on scipy.org ?

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