[SciPy-dev] MoinMoin demo site online

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Fri Dec 16 13:46:25 CST 2005

Wow, I love the theme sincora4 you chose for default...  My only comment 
is that the text bars ("Search" and "More Actions:") are wider than the 
left navistrip, but I'm sure this is an easy CSS tweak.

Mark Koudritsky wrote:

>I've set up another demo Moin site to try out different themes.
>The default theme there is a modification of sinorca4moin.
>I've change it to show minimal wikiness to non logged in users (like
>the Moder CMS theme on Andrew's demo site) and also increased the font
>size slightly.
>There is also "sections" plugin installed, (the news side bar on the
>main page is made with it).
>Didn't yet have the time to work on the logo.
>There is a test user set up:
>username: TestUser
>pwd: test
>So you can log in and try out the other themes that are installed
>there. User's theme can be changed in the UserPreferences dialog . (I
>also liked the sand theme)
>Is there any estimation about when (if at all) Moin can be installed
>on scipy.org ?
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