[SciPy-dev] Reviewing scipy.test package

Pearu Peterson pearu at scipy.org
Wed Dec 21 02:20:54 CST 2005


We have scipy.test package that currently contains only two modules:
testing.py and auto_test.py.

testing.py is widely used in scipy test sites.

auto_test.py is rather old and does not work without serious review. It 
is tempting to remove it from scipy core svn but it has some interesting 
ideas. This raises a general question:

   Shall we clean scipy up or should we keep
   old-interesting-but-not-working codes for future ideas?

There is also a name conflict with scipy.test. When importing scipy, 
scipy.test module is overwritten with ScipyTest.test method. To resolve 
this conflict, either the name of the module or the method needs to be 
changed. I see two options:
1) rename ScipyTest.test -> ScipyTest.runtest or similar
2) rename scipy.test -> scipy.testing

People are used to run scipy.test(), so I am inclined to applying the 
option (2). Any objections?


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