[SciPy-dev] Reviewing scipy.test package

David M. Cooke cookedm at physics.mcmaster.ca
Wed Dec 21 10:52:59 CST 2005

On Dec 21, 2005, at 0:20 , Pearu Peterson wrote:
> Hi,
> We have scipy.test package that currently contains only two modules:
> testing.py and auto_test.py.
> testing.py is widely used in scipy test sites.
> auto_test.py is rather old and does not work without serious  
> review. It
> is tempting to remove it from scipy core svn but it has some  
> interesting
> ideas. This raises a general question:

+1 remove it. As you say, it needs serious review. There are better  
ways to do some of it (setuptools for instance).

>    Shall we clean scipy up or should we keep
>    old-interesting-but-not-working codes for future ideas?

How about moving them to a directory where they won't be installed?  
contrib/, old/, sandbox/, ...?

I've been thinking we should have a sandbox/ or contrib/ directory in  
scipy_core for things like implementations of the array interface  
that others can use in their code.

> There is also a name conflict with scipy.test. When importing scipy,
> scipy.test module is overwritten with ScipyTest.test method. To  
> resolve
> this conflict, either the name of the module or the method needs to be
> changed. I see two options:
> 1) rename ScipyTest.test -> ScipyTest.runtest or similar
> 2) rename scipy.test -> scipy.testing
> People are used to run scipy.test(), so I am inclined to applying the
> option (2). Any objections?

+1 (I suggested this a few months ago when I added doctest support :-)

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