[SciPy-dev] old web site front page

Ed Schofield schofield at ftw.at
Wed Dec 21 11:56:16 CST 2005

On 21/12/2005, at 2:29 PM, Joe Harrington wrote:

> Please comment, and also say if you disagree
> that a more detailed notice on the scipy.org site is a good thing.

I agree this is a good idea.  Well done for the initiative!

> If you are new to SciPy, there are several reasonable paths to take,
> depending on your circumstances:
> 1. If you can wait until the Spring of 2006, the new package, binary
> installers, and its basic documentation should be ready by then.  This
> is the path of least resistance, and we recommend it!

I think we should be more enthusiastic about recommending that people  
migrate now to the new SciPy.  There are already binary packages for  
Win32 and OS X.  Discouraging potential users until an "official"  
release is made seems counterproductive -- the more testing it gets  
in the wild now, the better.

I'd suggest merging points 1 and 3 like this:

1. SciPy is still in 'beta' release status, but we encourage you to  
try it out anyway.  Source code and binary installers for a few  
platforms are available from http://numeric.scipy.org.  The final  
release, due in Spring 2006, will be similar, but with more  
documentation, binaries for more platforms, and more bug fixes.

2. If you must run an application that requires either old version of  
the array extension to Python (Numeric or Numarray), go ahead and  
install that version.  The latest versions of both Numeric and  
Numarray support importing and exporting SciPy Core arrays.  They  
will both be viable for some time to come.

-- Ed

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