[SciPy-dev] Packaging Changes to Core in SVN

Jonathan Taylor jonathan.taylor at utoronto.ca
Sun Dec 25 17:09:43 CST 2005

I suspect that this is why I am having difficulties with new SVN scipy
and scipy_core.  After a fresh install:

In [1]: import scipy
Failed to import signal
cannot import name random
Failed to import optimize
cannot import name random
Failed to import cluster
No module named basic.random
Failed to import fftpack
No module named basic.fftpack
Failed to import stats
cannot import name random

I guess we need to import corerandom as random.

Also... should it be importing a better random module from scipy main?

Happy Holidays,

On 12/25/05, Travis Oliphant <oliphant.travis at ieee.org> wrote:
> Hi folks and Merry Christmas,
> I hope this is the last of the major changes to the scipy core
> structure.  After playing around with various alternative homes for the
> fft, linear algebra, and random number routines, I think (with Robert's
> suggestiong) we've found a permanent home for them under
> scipy.corefft
> scipy.corelinalg
> scipy.corerandom
> In these packages we will try to import the full scipy versions of any
> routines (fft and inv in particular) so that full scipy installs can
> have improved (but possibly difficult to install) versions of these
> basic routines.
> I am of a mind to get rid of lib out of scipy_core and move mtrand to
> scipy.  Then move dotblas to base and be done with the lib directory in
> scipy_core.   I'm beginning to see the wisdom in "flat is better than
> nested"
> If we can get the any wrinkles out of the new structure, I'd like to
> make another release after the new year so that the improved packaging
> can start getting used.
> Best,
> -Travis
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