[SciPy-dev] Packaging Changes to Core in SVN

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Sun Dec 25 21:56:23 CST 2005

Jonathan Taylor wrote:

>I suspect that this is why I am having difficulties with new SVN scipy
>and scipy_core.  After a fresh install:
>In [1]: import scipy
>Failed to import signal
>cannot import name random
>Failed to import optimize
>cannot import name random
>Failed to import cluster
>No module named basic.random
>Failed to import fftpack
>No module named basic.fftpack
>Failed to import stats
>cannot import name random
>I guess we need to import corerandom as random.
Full scipy has not been updated with the changes.  This is typical of 
any changes to scipy_core.   Scipy SVN does not always track scipy_core 
svn exactly.  They are separate packages and need to be discussed 
separately.   Nonetheless, full scipy will usually track scipy_core 
rather quickly (since most of the developers use both). 

This should be easy to fix and ready soon (few hours to a day).


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