[SciPy-dev] Re: Scipy-dev Digest, Vol 16, Issue 4

Brendan Simons brendansimons at yahoo.ca
Fri Feb 4 20:45:51 CST 2005

OK, I'm asking.  The OS-X build requirements are way too high a barrier 
for me, which means no binary - no scipy on my mac (which is my primary 
development platform).

I recognize that I'm not contributing anything towards that end, but 
you asked.


On 4-Feb-05, at 8:36 PM, scipy-dev-request at scipy.net wrote:

> A binary for OS X is a desireable thing.  I think more of a stink 
> should
> be made, so that one gets provided by default.  I know that Robert Kern
> has worked on such a thing and it is not out of the question, but is on
> the horizon.   More users asking for it would help.

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