[SciPy-dev] MacOS X binary and distutils

Derek Homeier derek at uni-sw.gwdg.de
Thu Feb 10 15:01:25 CST 2005

On Feb 5, 2005, at 3:45 AM, Brendan Simons wrote:

> OK, I'm asking.  The OS-X build requirements are way too high a 
> barrier for me, which means no binary - no scipy on my mac (which is 
> my primary development platform).
> I recognize that I'm not contributing anything towards that end, but 
> you asked.
Speaking of which, the fink package works quite well, should be 
available as a binary, and in anyway is trivial to build (or rather, to 
have fink handle the probably non-trivial build!). I just had an issue 
with the scipy-py24 version, which raises a distutils 
DistutilsPlatformError if the MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET env var is not 
set prior to launching python (to "10.3" , in this case).
I have been informed this is standard behaviour for python 2.4 
distutils, still it does not seem very desirable for a "user-friendly" 
package. I am wondering if this is just a bad feature on python's side, 
or if the problem rather arises from importing distutils during runtime 
(shouldn't it be only required in the build/setup process??).

Anyway, wanted to remind that thanks to the fink folks there is a OS X 
binary available, and building a standalone installer would certainly 
benefit from cooperation between both parties.


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