[SciPy-dev] questions about adding new projects

Joe Harrington jh at oobleck.astro.cornell.edu
Mon Jan 10 15:35:48 CST 2005

Others have suggested a different name from "topical" (for the listing
page), and I agree.  My initial intent with "topical" was to get
discipline-specific software cataloged, since it can be harder to
find than general packages.  But, of course there is stuff that is
cross-discipline that is not in the main package, like matplotlib.
Some ideas:

application	Long.  Is everything an application?  No.
addon		probably the most general and accurate
extras		shades of Fedora
contrib		has a "not one of us, but along for the ride" connotation

I like "addon", but better might still be out there.


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