[SciPy-dev] Python (Enthought Edition) for Windows test release

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Jan 19 00:40:14 CST 2005

Joe Cooper wrote:

>>If it's at all possible to you to update ipython, I've put up an rc3 set of
>>files here:
>>There's .zip, .tar.gz and an rpm built on Fedora3 (py23).  It would be really
>>nice if you could use this updated source instead of rc2, but I'll obviously
>>understand (and take full blame) if you can't this late in the game.
> It's not too late.  This is the kind of thing I want fixed before the 
> real release happens.  I've updated iPython now, I'll start a new 
> release building before I get out of here for the day.

Great!  Much appreciated, thanks.



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