[SciPy-dev] Python (Enthought Edition) for Windows test release

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Jan 21 12:23:13 CST 2005

John Hunter wrote:

> Yes, it does break wxagg/pylab on win32.  And your change fixes it.
> With the try/except block I was able to run --pylab with wxagg as my
> default backend.

Thanks for testing, John.

Since this is such a nasty crash, and it happens squarely with the interaction 
  of matplotlib and ipython, I decided to wrap up all the recent fixes and 
just made a 0.6.7 release of ipython.  Joe, it would be great if (again :) you 
could grab this for the final enthon release, otherwise the recommended 
defaults (pylab+wxagg+ipython) will give users just an instant crash.

I've now made it official, so it sits in:


I'm too swamped with other things to make an announcement right now, but as 
long as Joe gets this I'm happy (if there's still time to include it).

I also have a couple of minor suggestions to make on Enthon:

1. The included .matplotlibrc file has unix (\n) line endings.  It might be 
worth running unix2dos over it before shipping, since notepad makes a glorious 
mess out of it (I saw it yesterday when trying to change backends on my 
friend's laptop).

2. Would it be possible to add a second IPython shortcut beyond the one you 
already have, but which also opens pylab?  Something like "IPython+pylab", or 
simply Pylab (whatever John likes), where the command would be '...python.exe 
ipython -pylab -p enthought'.  The current one loads the enthought profile, 
this would just add the -pylab switch, which is required as a startup flag 
because it modifies the ipython initialization sequence.

Having this would give the new Win32 users a single-click way to get started 
plotting and running pylab commands, while maintaining the same enviroment 
they'd get with the default ipython (since in both cases we'd load the 
enthought profile).

Anyway, many thanks for this, you've done a phenomenal job, Joe.  My friend 
(an experimental physicist) was thrilled yesterday seeing the potential, all 
the included tools and documentation, etc.  This is really great!  Sorry I've 
been causing all these last-minute troubles.



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