[SciPy-dev] wiki to resolve numeric vs. numarray

Joe Harrington jh at oobleck.astro.cornell.edu
Wed Jan 26 12:30:05 CST 2005

Since the arguments in the numeric vs. numarray debate have been
spread over many months, they have been hard for me and others to
follow.  There is now a wiki on scipy.org for summaries of the main
points and requests for tasks to be done in resolving the issue:


The wiki states facts about each package that are relevant to the
debate, and the desires people have for an eventual array package.

Under "Desires", please feel free to pose questions that need to be
resolved and tasks that need to be done.  If you are interested in
helping to resolve this split, consider taking on one of those tasks.
Do post to the mailing list to see if anyone else is doing it and to
get feedback on how to do it well.


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