[SciPy-dev] Gnuplot for Numarray (OS X)

Scott Condie ssc37 at cornell.edu
Wed Jan 26 20:47:02 CST 2005

Searching through past mailing lists and google and such it appears  
that it may be hard to find a "port" of Michael Haggerty's Gnuplot  
module that runs with numarray instead of Numeric.  If I am incorrect  
about this I apologize for the wasted bandwidth.
In the true open source tradition I have taken 5 minutes and replaced a  
bunch of instances of "Numeric" with "numarray" in the tar distribution  
that I got from


I then tested it for another 5 minutes on the project I was doing and  
then tarred it back up in case anyone else wants to have a go with it.   
The demo in the distribution runs and it works on the project that I am  
doing, but I haven't tested it any further.  I have posted it at


Let me know what you think.


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